L4D Board Game in Action

In the Overworld map post, I explained that the system I came up with for movement in this board game required 2 boards.  The Overworld map was the first, serving as a waypoint system to show the players where they were in relation to their goal.  This is the second, it’s a sleeve that players can insert pre-printed scenario cards into.  The scenario cards are based on a tile system, and we had a rulebook which gave layouts for where the players started, as well as the numbers and locations of any zombies that appeared.  Every turn of the game equated to mere seconds in real time, so players had to think carefully about their actions.  Zombies always move after players do, and will always move toward the closest player.  Having this dual board system allowed us to retain the feel of Left 4 Dead despite the inherently slower pace of a board game versus a shooter.

Download Rules:  L4D Board Game DOCX

Disclaimer:  Left 4 Dead is the property of Valve Software.  I do not own it!

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