Overworld Map

One of the projects that I was involved in was a board game conversion of Left 4 Dead.  This posed a challenge not only because of the fast pace of the game, but because we needed to figure out a way of making tons of different areas playable within a finite space.  While brainstorming, I suddenly remembered that some video games have a sort of “Waypoint” system; players move on an Overworld map, which represented travel across distances, and once arriving there, the game would transition into whatever area the players ended up in.  There’s no reason why we couldn’t have a similar system incorporated into our board game.  We’d just need to have 2 separate game boards.

The Overworld map represents possible player paths on their way through a zombie infested city.  The goal of the game is to have as many players reach the roof of the hospital as possible.  Players all started out with the same weapons, they could travel to different waypoints to find better weapons to distribute, or they could just make a mad dash for the hospital.  Each waypoint on the Overworld map corresponds to a specific area and a specific scenario.  These scenarios were printed on sheets which could be fitted into a Left 4 Dead sleeve which we designed, and that was where the real action happened.

Disclaimer:  Left 4 Dead is the property of Valve Software.  I do not own it!

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