Meddlesome Monsters

Awards: Mini Ludum Dare – 3rd place Overall, 2nd place Innovation.

Meddlesome Monsters is a game created for the 30th mini Ludum Dare which took place over the period of November 4th 2011 – November 6th 2011, the theme of which was “Adaptation”.  I worked on a team of seven people; I was the only game designer, but one of a few programmers.  The game I came up with was a Competitive Co-op action puzzle game, similar to the Capcom classic Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo.  The twist to this game, however, is that it pits two teams of two players against each other.  Nobody who worked on this game, myself included, had ever participated in a Ludum Dare or Game Jam event, so the fact that we placed within the Top 3 of two categories was really rewarding.

Different colored monsters are dropping into all of the players playing field.  The goal of the game is to match up similar colored monsters and drop poison onto them.  If you drop a poison onto a monster of the matching color, then it will destroy all monsters of that color who are adjacent to each other.  Destroying monsters in this way will drop blobs of monster remains in your opponents’ playing field – the more monsters destroyed, the more blobs you drop!  These blobs can’t be destroyed, so players must adapt to the obstacles as they try to get bigger chains off.

Each pair of players has their own play field of five columns and a shared space of four columns adjacent to it.  In this way, we also incorporated the secondary theme of “Togetherness”.  This added an extra strategic element to the game in that 2 players could cooperate in order to achieve bigger and better combos to screw over their opponents with.

Along with designing all of the mechanics for the game, I also did some programming – mainly created the function which was used to calculate how many garbage blocks (the blobs) to drop on the opponent.

While I am under NDA in regards to the code and engine, if you’d like more information on the custom engine, please visit the Exsto Engine website.

Status:  In-Progress

Game Design Doc:  Download DOCX | Download PDF

Language:  JavaScript

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