Monorail Graveyard

We needed an area to connect the sewers to the city ruins above, and creating such an area was one of my first Level Design tasks.  I was thinking about what I might find in a futuristic society, and originally had planned on simply coming up into a building, when I remembered an interesting sequence from Final Fantasy 7.  In it, Cloud and company end up in the Midgar sewers and then make their way through a train graveyard to get back to the Sector 7 slums.  I thought that a similar area for us would be perfect for a futuristic steampunk type game; also, in a way, this is my homage to one of the first games that made me realized that gaming had value beyond simple entertainment.  There were so many ways for the player to navigate, because players could move through monorail cars as well as on top of or under them.  This level was definitely the one I had most fun in designing.

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