Rooftop Construction

This particular area I had planned on building from the start.  Since Tier 3 of Trade Secret is set in a slum, I figured that anyone living there would have to be resorting to doing whatever they could to survive.  I didn’t want to have a sense of complete hopelessness, so I wanted to have an area that showed some kind of construction to show that people were still able to make the best of things.  The Sons of Salvage, a guild of engineers which the player is part of, are trying to work for the benefit of all Under Haven, after all, so it would make sense to see some of their handiwork in trying to make things better.

The challenge with this level was in making an area which was completely traversable.  It is possible to completely circumnavigate the platformed construction area, so I had to make things look good from all angles.  Another issue I had was that the axis-swapping mechanics would break if the player went left to the transition before going right, so I needed to place a large enough obstruction in the way to make it so that the players couldn’t jump over it from one side, but could still get back if they went around from the right.


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