Dennis Pishik Bio

Welcome to Dennis Pishik’s portfolio! Dennis decided to pursue an education in Game Design because he’s spent the majority of his life around video games and developed a deep-seated passion for games. Having recently graduated from University of Advancing Technology, with a B.A. in Game Design and a B.S. in Game Programming, Dennis now has an extraordinary arsenal of tools with which to explore and fully engage in his passion.

Dennis’ main focus is in Level Design and World Building, although he has experience in QA as well. Being a world builder required he communicate with artists and programmers, along with other designers, which has been instrumental in helping Dennis bring worlds to life, as opposed to simply creating a space in which players travel from point to point. Being able to create a level from concept to completion, giving an idea life, and being able to create an environment that, upon exploration, conveys a truly rich story through imagery and imagination is Dennis’ major goal.

When not working on projects, Dennis loves to cook, read books, watch movies, or just hang out with friends.  Dennis is a lifelong learner and is immeasurably curious, pursuing knowledge at any given opportunity. Dennis is currently looking for new opportunities to exercise and further develop his skills and welcomes any invitation to collaborate.